15.05. - 15.06.     22,000 EUR per week
15.06. - 15.09.     28,500 EUR per week
15.09. - 15.05.     20,000 EUR per week

15.05. - 15.06.     4,500 EUR per day
15.06. - 15.09.     5,000 EUR per day
15.09. - 15.05.     4,000 EUR per day

The final price is determined when a request is made, and is based on the length of the stay, as well as the time of year.

20% discount when booking three months before embarking
15% discount if the lease is longer than 10 days

General charter conditions

Charter fee and payment conditions
The charter fee includes charter of a yacht with its equipment and full insurance for the yacht and crew during the charter period. The chartered yacht with complete equipment can be used only after the payment was regularly settled:

20% of the charter fee (down payment) upon booking
20% of the charter fee three months before commencement of the charter
50% of the charter fee one months before commencement of the charter
10% upon boarding

In order for the booking to become final, the Charterer shall pay the down payment on Charteree's account, within the period of 5 days since Charter Contract or Invoice is sent.

Security deposit

The security deposit has to be made in starting marina by the Charterer prior to boarding. Security deposit can be made in cash, cheques or credit cards. The security deposit shall be refunded in its full amount unless damage or defect on the yacht or equipment is found during the Charter period, and if there are no claims filed or announced regarding the Charterer by third persons, that are connected to the usage of the yacht.
In case of loss or damage to the equipment, particular parts of the yacht or the yacht itself, Charteree shall retain the amount which corresponds to the value of repair, acquisition or purchasing of the equipment and particular part.


All possible disagreements and disputes arising from, or in connection with Charter party will be settled by peaceful agreement and consensually.
Eventual cases, which cannot be solved by mutual agreement, will be under jurisdiction of the court in the Charteree's residence