Our warm and welcoming crew offers a wide variety of packages for all types of guests.

For couples, spend some quality time with your significant other while basking in the sunshine and enjoying the hidden gems of the Adriatic. Our professional crew will make this adventure unforgettable for everyone.

For women, spend time with your girlfriends while exploring some of the best shopping ports and sparkling nightlife, or enjoy quiet nights while sharing some wine under the stars. All our routes are customized to your specific needs.

For men, sometimes you just need to escape the buzz of city life. Be it with your friends, partner, or both; our crew will make sure that you experience the best there is to offer. Enjoy the vivacious nightlife, the historic scenery, and unparallel natural beauty that the Adriatic Sea has to offer. We are at your service.

For newlyweds, mark your wedding moments touring the beautiful Adriatic coast, enjoying romantic sunsets, and breathtaking views that would otherwise be unreachable.

For families, provide your children with a holiday they will never forget. Our crew is always on hand to help you take care of them, while you enjoy a relaxing and refreshing vacation, which is sure to provide you with some quality family time.

Our crew is always on hand, to help you make the most out of your holiday.